Translation and Copywriting

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Translation and Copywriting

Planning on penetrating new markets with your iGaming brand? Chances are, you don’t want to go forth without a professional translator on your team. Important messages can easily get “lost in translation,” compromising the integrity of your message and confusing other markets.

Here’s the good news – with Gambling-Consulting™, you can stop the search for a translator right now. Discover professional translators who work exclusively in the iGaming industry. They’re ready to support you and your team with not only professional translation, but accurate translation – something Google Translate can never do.

These professional translators will gladly assist with your essential translations, when and where you need them the most, offering proficiency in 70+ languages. These translators can also assist you with content writing, prioritizing SEO optimization. This network of SEO experts and experienced iGaming content writers know what it takes to foster interest in iGaming brands through the power of writing and keyword optimization, again, in over 70 languages worldwide.

Here are just a few of the many services the translators we work with provide:

  • Translation and Localization in 70+ Languages. Eliminate machine errors with the real human touch, but if you believe your delivery doesn’t reflect your iGaming spirit or message 100%, your translator will keep working until you’re 110% happy.
  • Make sure your work is free from embarrassing errors. Each translator’s hawk eyes detect even the smallest of hiccups.
  • Full Context Review. An in-depth analysis of your work to confirm perfection.
  • iGaming Blog Posts. Feed your audience with the gaming content they crave.
  • Game/Slots Reviews. Deliver SEO-optimized game and slot reviews that position you as an informed leader in your industry.
  • Website Content. From home pages to services, about pages, and beyond, let talented writers tell a story your readers will never forget.
  • Marketing Content. Boldly stand on the front line of your industry through targeted marketing material that’s engineered to convert.

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